Symbols for the Folds of the Flag

According to the American Legion (, the thirteen folds of the flag are symbolic:

Symbols for the Folds of the Flag

Giving Children a Choice

Children should NEVER be forced to view or touch the body. They need to be given a choice that will be respected. If they are going to view the body, remind them that death is final and describe how the body might look. An explanation could go like this: “Sally will be lying in a wooden box called a casket. She will look like she is sleeping, but she is not. She is dead. Her chest will not rise and fall because she is not breathing.”

Preparing Children for a Funeral

Always prepare children for what will happen at any death ritual. Describing the funeral process step by step (what they will see, how other people might react, how they might feel) can help allay children’s anxieties about the event. Be sure to tell your child that crying or not crying are both OK. Extra attention and affection from adults may be necessary so children do not feel forgotten or neglected. If possible, make arrangements with a trusted adult so a child can leave the funeral or memorial service early if he or she wishes.

Should Children Attend Funerals?

When the death of a loved one occurs, adults are faced with difficult choices about whether to include children in death rituals such as funerals and memorial services. Children should be allowed to attend a wake, funeral and burial if they want to. Children can also be involved in the funeral planning. Joining family members for these rituals gives children a chance to receive grief support from others and a chance to say goodbye in their own way to the deceased.

TORNADO SAFETY TIPS 2: Seeking Shelter

Know where your shelter is before you need it. Although there is no guaranteed safe place during a tornado, some locations are better than others.

At Home

Securing Your Home in the Event of a Storm

how to secure your home in the event of damaging winds, storm surge and

  • Cover all of your
    windows, either with hurricane shutters or wood.

  • Although tape can
    prevent glass from shattering everywhere, be warned that tape does not prevent
    the window from breaking.

  • If possible, secure
    straps or clips to securely fasten your roof to the structure of your home.

  • Make sure all trees
    and shrubs are trimmed and clear rain gutters.


are nature's most violent and erratic storms. A tornado can travel for miles
along the ground, lift and suddenly change direction and strike again. There is
little you can do to protect your home or workplace from the strength of
tornado winds, but there are actions you can take to protect yourself and your
family better.

Basic Safety Rules: 

From Our Family to Yours

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