Cremation Options
The Farley Difference

I Had No Idea!

Our equipment is modern, meticulously maintained and available for inspection at any time. We have performed thousands of cremations and each is done individually. After cremation, the recoverable cremated remains are brought to a processing station where foreign matter is removed, collected and legally disposed of. The cremated remains, which are calcium and ash, are then prepared for processing and placement into a vessel, which can be either purchased or provided by you.

The weight of the cremated remains of an adult is approximately 6 to 8 lbs., depending on the size of the person, and requires a vessel approximately 200 cubic inches in capacity. Cremated remains are processed to a uniform, fine consistency. All areas where we perform this work are clean and meticulously maintained. After cremation and processing, the recoverable cremated remains are returned to the family.

Transfers from the place of death are personally handled by us with our own equipment. No jobbers. No middlemen. We transfer individuals to our funeral home individually.

Florida law requires embalming or refrigeration within 24 hours of the death. We have our own refrigeration facility which is safely located inside our funeral home. Our facilities are modern,well-maintained and clean. Again,we don't employ unknown third parties for any of these services.

Important reasons to choose us for cremation

  • We operate the only crematory in South Sarasota County. All other area providers of cremation services utilize third-party and/or off-site crematories (most of them located in industrial parks).
  • All cremations performed individually.
  • We return the recoverable ashes.
  • For your benefit,we expedite the entire cremation process.
  • Service 24/7 at your convenience.
  • Your loved one never leaves our care.
  • Embalming not required.
  • We explain your options and respect your wishes.
  • All cremations performed by Cremation Certified Licensed Funeral Directors.
  • Transfers from place of death to our facility are handled by us with our own equipment.No jobbers. No middlemen.
  • For your comfort, all identification viewings may occur in a pleasant setting located next to the crematory.
  • We do not perform cremations for other cremation providers.The security and accountability of our crematory is exclusively reserved for families choosing us.
  • We invite you to witness any or all aspects of the cremation process.
  • Many providers of cremation services hope that families don't ask the tough questions.We welcome comparisons and encourage you to seek the facts.