Cremation Options

Blue-Sky Options

If the thought of a dove, balloon or butterfly release after the service appeals to you, let us know. Many who use our heavenward releases find them to be personal and meaningful acts for all involved. Special music can also enrich any service, so feel free to inquire.

Photo boards: Worth a Thousand Words

A photo board needs to be perfect. It's a bittersweet task, and if you have questions, let us help. We can provide you with a board and make suggestions on memorabilia that will awaken the perfect memories in all who pay their respects at the funeral home.

A Website for Your Loved One

Create what is known as a memorial website and you create a lasting tribute for everyone you love to see. A memorial website re-creates the life story of someone who has passed for generations to appreciate. Words, pictures, videos and music all tell a story that is priceless to everyone. Let our caring staff help you create something special.

A Tabletop of Memories

Photos are the centerpiece of a memorial table. The memorial table is a dedicated space for wonderful memories. Here, everyone can stop, remember and honor a loved one. We have the tables at just the right height for all to see and we are happy to even pick up large items from your home if you need help transporting your loved one's favorite chair, trophies or hobbies. These personal items can make a service and we want to help you.

Say It with Video

A high-quality video tribute we produce goes beyond a home-made PowerPoint tribute to a loved one. Our video tributes ensure the best in editing, image selection and royalty-free music. A great video tribute can be a wonderful and engaging way to remember someone. Extra copies are even available as a keepsake for various family members.

Custom-Designed Flowers and Gifts

We understand there are many tastes and budgets. This is a great help when designing one-of-a-kind floral and gifting combinations. We meet with you and discuss every aspect of your needs for both flowers and gifts at a funeral. You can also visit our gift shop on-line. The choices we offer are virtually unlimited.

A Favorite Song

There is nothing quite as special as remembering someone with music. A loved one's favorite sacred piece, a pop hit, even rock or jazz can be a unique and wonderful part of saying goodbye. Whatever style of music is required, Farley will make it happen.

From Taps to Amazing Grace

For military families to families whose preferences are for bagpipes, there are special musical options to remember a loved one. We can arrange a military tribute and Taps or Echo Taps can be played, for a deeply emotional farewell. If bagpipes are preferred, Amazing Grace and Scotland Be Brave are classic favorites.

Special Stationery

Printing is a special way to create memories of your loved one as well as communicate information about a funeral. We can help you with everything. Custom mailings, service folders, acknowledgement cards, memorial books and attendee registers are just a few of the printed pieces we offer.