Funeral Options

The Importance of Viewing and Visitation

The viewing and visitation (also called the wake or calling hours) are gatherings of family and friends who help survivors in acknowledging the reality of the death that has occurred. These gatherings can occur in the funeral home's facilities, church, home of the family or other meaningful place (where permitted). Both viewings and visitations are available regardless of whether there will be a burial, entombment or cremation. Research supports the notion that both a viewing and visitation helps fulfill the psychological needs of those who are left behind.


Seeing the body of a loved one may be one of the most important steps in moving toward the acceptance of the loss. Viewing the body of a loved one is a very personal decision family members need to consider. There are some people who do not need to see the body of those they love to work through their grief. However, a significantly high number of people have shown great difficulty in coming to terms with the death when they have not viewed the body.

Viewings can be private or open to family and friends. Regardless of your preference, we will assist you in making sure that all your expectations are met.


Like viewings, visitations serve a critical role for the survivors. Visitations allow family and friends to gather and support the mourners of the deceased. Visitations also allow time for family and friends to share memories and celebrate the life of a loved one. Visitations may be limited to only those invited or can be announced in an obituary.

Both viewings and visitations are typically held the day before the funeral or memorial gathering, but may also occur on the same day. For your convenience, our facilities are available every day of the year.