Venice Memorial Gardens
Pet Cemetery & Cremation

Caring for your entire family

Since 1974, Venice Memorial Gardens has served Southwest Florida families with dignity, respect and superior services. Because your pet is part of the family, we believe they deserve the same kind of compassionate care. That's why we founded Venice Memorial Gardens Pet Cemetery & Funeral Home.

As pet lovers ourselves, we realize just how heartbreaking it can be to lose a special furry friend. After all, our pets spend day after day with us, love us unconditionally and fill our lives with joy, laughter and happiness. That's what makes it so hard to say goodbye.

Venice Memorial Gardens can help you bid farewell to your beloved pet. Give your cherished companion the respect they deserve to the very end.

Superior pet care services

At Venice Memorial Gardens Pet Cemetery & Funeral Home, we offer the same level of dignity and respect for pets as we do for people. As a family-owned business, we take pride in serving families and their pets with compassionate care.

We offer a full range of funeral care services for dogs, cats, and other pets. From pet cremation to cemetery arrangements, we can handle all of your pet care needs.

We provide the following first-rate pet services:

  • Transportation of your pet to our facility
  • Dignified pet cremations
  • Delivery of your pet's cremated remains
  • Pet burial arrangements
  • Beautiful pet caskets, urns and keepsakes
  • Pet memorial tributes

Unique cemetery option

Venice Memorial Gardens offers the unique option of burying a pet next to a human loved one. If you lose a dear pet, you and your other family members can reserve burial plots adjacent to your furry companion. That way, your entire family can rest in peace together. It's yet another distinctive service we provide for those who treat their pet like part of the family.