Why Preplan?

Make sense of funeral arrangements. Make a plan. This simple act will eliminate confusion and heartache on many levels. Preplanning shows you care. It brings peace of mind to everyone involved. And it’s free.

4 Good Reasons to Preplan

Your Family
There are over 50 decisions to be made when arranging a funeral. Making those decisions today lets you make logical, well-thought-out plans that your family will appreciate.

Lower Costs
While most of us have life insurance or funds reserved for retirement, these are intended for the living, not to meet the cost of a funeral.

Securing Benefits
With the number of revisions in government benefits over the years, it is important for each person to be aware of these changes and how to protect those benefits.

Peace of Mind
Your family and others who care for you will be assured the arrangements reflect your true wishes.

Our Prices. Your Protection.

There are many choices when preplanning a funeral either at one of our locations or online. Customization of your services determine your final cost. Our General Price List allows you to see all our goods and services by cost, based on the Funeral Rule, as outlined by the Federal Trade Commission. We comply to protect you. Contact us for more information.

Plan Ahead. Plan Online.

If you prefer working online, use our online planning form. It’s a quick and easy way to put your final wishes on file. There are areas for everything from organ donation to writing obituaries. Simply fill it out here on our website, click send, and we’ll review it. Simple. Easy.

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